Master Toad – “Survival Horror” digital Album Review

First Review of my new Album “Survival Horror”
Thanks to The Noise Beneath The Snow!

The Noise Beneath The Snow

MastertoadSurvival Horror – Master Toad

Master Toad; not exactly a name one might think to be typically synonymous with dark ambient music.  But then again, an album capable of serving as a soundtrack to the closing of dusk and a 3-D view of the AM clouds isn’t typical either.  Either way, Survival Horror is just as effective.

Master Toad is the project of dark ambient/drone composer Justin Thomas Squires.  Survival Horror is the fourth full-length album and “serves as an homage to classic survival horror games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Amnesia among others.”  In addition to four full-length releases, Master Toad has also released three EPs and two split albums.

Right away, I thought of the Cryo-Chamber label.  By now, everyone knows how much I love that label so I could end the review now.  But…… I won’t.

Master Toad creates an environment with rapidly flowing…

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New Split Album

I just self released a drone/dark ambient split with the project That With Tusks. We had been working on it and collaberating for at least eight months along with local artist Sean Killingbeck who provided the album art. This was a labor of love, and in the end it turned out beautifully.

This is my first major release since 2013’s Hidden in Dark Tone, and I am very proud of it, as it shows my current evolution of sound making.

Physical copies are underway, starting with a limited run of DIY cassette taped followed by a pro cd-r. Until then download the digital copy for free and enjoy.

Front Cover


Update, Summer of 2015

I finally updated the website this week. It was the first time since 2012. Needless to say I forgot the importance of keeping all of your eggs in one basket. All the paged are now up to date. Remember to check out the releases page to download everything for free.

So what’s the news?

I have finished recording and mastering seven brand new tracks to be released as a split album with the local (Port Huron) Drone Artist That With Tusks.

I am very excited about this split!

As always I still have intentions on playing out at live shows. I have had many set backs in the years regarding this, but I am now in a stage in my life where the idea is a perfect fit.

Sorry for such a vague update, but I really doubt anyone really reads this shit anyway. Ha!


Lucid Dreamer: Nightmare Progression #5

This is when the demon escaped me, and I could hear it for myself. The first time I managed to manifest it in physical form. This is the truest offering of my soul that I could give to the world as of now, and I am content now that the weight has lifted from my shoulders. Witness the torment of my third eye, take it upon yourself and leave me be.
-Barbatos “Jugghead”