Available for Purchase

RIFT – Pro CDr (Dark Ambient Full Length 2018)



The Five Shrouds of Isolation – Pro CDr (Dark Ambient Compilation 2018)



Available for Free Download

Wandering (Ambient Full Length 2021)

Shame Follows (Dark Ambient/Drone EP 2020)

Dark Waves Washing Over Me (Dark Ambient/Drone Full Length 2020)

MIASMA (Dark Ambient/Drone Full Length 2019)

Sign Of Ill Omen (Dark Ambient/Drone EP 2019)

The Red Banner (Dark Ambient/Drone Single 2018)

The Five Shrouds Of Isolation (5 Way Dark Ambient/Drone Split 2018)

Diminish (Dark Ambient/Drone Full Length 2018)

Anhedonia (Drone/Dark Ambient Full Length 2018)

Perpetual (Drone EP 2018)

RIFT (Dark Ambient/Drone Full Length 2018)

Waste & Decay (Dark Ambient/Drone EP 2017)

Survival Horror (Dark Ambient Full Length 2017)

wraith (Drone/Dark Ambient Full Length 2016)

This is a tale of the recently deceased. Journey through an strange afterlife, where the sun never rises, and everything is encased by the night.

DEPTHS (Drone/Dark Ambient EP 2016)


” it’s a cold and lonely place that Master Toad had crafted here” -YEAHIKNOWITSUCKS

That With Tusks & Master Toad (Drone/Dark Ambient Split 2015)

A collaboration between Master Toad and That With Tusks, album art by Sean Killingbeck, all artists hailing from Port Huron MI.
Hidden in Dark Tone (Dark Ambient/Drone/Noise – Full Length 2013)

Hidden in Dark Tone was produced in the summer of 2013 and released in August. It is Master Toad’s second full length album. The album was a concept album that followed the story of a man through mental illness and psychosis. The album fused together the genres of Dark Ambient, Drone, and Noise. It was released as free download through Sirona Records, Tornflesh Records, and Dark Forest Media.

CHAOS EP (Lobit/Noise/Drone – 2011)


CHAOS EP was a step further into the experimental side of Dark Ambient music and was produced to be a lo-bit (low bit rate) release. It was released as a free download through Sirona Records and was eventually released on a limited edition Floppy Disk in 2013 through Dark Forest Media.

Captive EP – Special Edition (Dark Ambient/Electronic – 2011)


Re-issue of the Captive EP (2009) featuring previously unreleased material. Released as a free download through Sirona Records.

Lucid Dreamer: Nightmare Progression #5 (Dark Ambient – Full Length 2011)

Considered to be the first Master Toad full length album in true form. Lucid Dreamer is a conceptual Dark Ambient and Experimental album released as a joint effort through Sirona Records, Tornflesh Records, and Kitty on Fire records as a free download.

Garden of Nightmares [single] (Noise/Drone – 2011)


First single off of “Lucid Dreamer: Nightmare Progression #5” released with Album Teaser. Released as a free download through TRASHFUCK Records.

Fear The Living EP (Soundtrack/Dark Ambient – 2011)

Front CoverIn April of 2011, Justin Thomas Squires directed a short horror film as a student project. He created the entire score using fruity loops, and released the extremely brief soundtrack as a free download through Kitty on Fire Records.

Lost Beat (Split w/Shit Devourer and Phantoms of the SS – 2010)


Features the Master Toad tracks: “Where are you going Humanity” and “Electric Swell”. Released as a free download on Kitty on Fire Records

TRAIN [single] (Drone/Atmosphere – 2010)


Atmospheric single released as part of Love Torture Records “Single Series”

Master Toad & Pollux Offer Their Souls (Dark Ambient Split – 2010)


The second attempt at Dark Ambient music, this was a split release collaboration with the french ambient/drone artist Pollux. Critically acclaimed by fellow underground artists. It was released as a free download on Kitty on Fire Records and as a limited edition CD-R through TRASHFUCK Records.

Captive EP (Dark Ambient/Experimental – 2009)


Released in Fall of 2009, this was my first attempt at making Dark Ambient music. It was released for free download on Amduscias Records and released as a limited edition Mini CD-R on Kitty on Fire Records.

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